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Banned From Roblox | 8 Reasons & What to Do

Roblox is the most loved and recommended gaming platform among gamers. It has one of the best gaming interfaces, and users rarely face any glitches or technical issues in the game. The only flaw is that a player can easily get banned from Roblox.

There may be a tiny mistake that you did not and gets you banned unintentionally. You don’t want that with your great profile, and especially you want to make an error that gets you banned for life on Roblox.

The rules and regulations are in place because their are children of all ages on the platform. To ensure the safety of its players, the company is very strict with its rules. Roblox operators and admins ban any defaulter player in the game. Like we said before, they’re very strict regarding the game’s rules.

8 Reason to Get Banned From Roblox

The most common reason for getting banned in Roblox is when you violate the game’s terms of service. You can get banned for using inappropriate language with other players or trying to scam people through the game.

Roblox will also ban you if you share content that is not appropriate on the platform or for some incident in which you violated the rules of the forum.

So, let’s talk about all the reasons that may get you banned from Roblox. We’ll also guide you on what you should do after getting banned.

1.   Inappropriate Behavior

Banned From Roblox

You’ll be banned from Roblox moderately or permanently due to inappropriate behavior on the platform. The ban depends upon the level of violating action you’re performing.

You may get permanently banned from Roblox if you’re involved in continuous violations of the rules, like inappropriate behavior. A player can get banned because of his inappropriate behavior. It means that the player did something that didn’t follow the game’s guidelines.

Inappropriate behavior is not bound to using abusive language or sharing 18+ links. Your account can also get banned from Roblox because you may have shared some link that is not from these sites, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

It means sharing links, not from the sites mentioned above will be considered inappropriate behavior on Roblox. This sort of action may ban you from Roblox.

You may also get banned from Roblox for using names that don’t follow the platform’s terms of service. Because it is considered inappropriate behavior, don’t use names that are not allowed on Roblox, and stay out of trouble.

You better not reveal your personal information to anyone on Roblox, nor should you ask anybody for their details. Be positive and respectful on the platform, and don’t use abusive language because it is inappropriate.

It would be a great idea to read the terms of services of the game to avoid any trouble like getting banned permanently from the game.

If you have made a mistake that violates the guidelines, your account might get suspended for some time. But if you frequently break the platform’s rules, your account will be permanently banned.

Don’t take Roblox lightly because the company is very strict with its rules and reviews accounts on a daily basis. That’s the reason why Roblox is a safe platform for kids and adults. So be respectful, a respectful member of the Roblox community.

2.   Discrimination

Discrimination of roblox

Discrimination is another cause of getting banned from Roblox. A Player gets banned without a warning if they share racist and harassing content on the platform, which is technically a crime.

What is the Discriminating Content?

Let us explain what comes under this category that gets players banned from Roblox.

Suppose the company caught you sharing stuff that is racist or bullying someone because of gender or ethnicity. You’ll be permanently banned from the platform instantly, and the company will not even give you a warning.

When a player reports another player for discrimination, an investigation is done by the Roblox employees on that player. If found guilty, that player will get banned from the platform.

The player will be banned permanently for using discriminatory language against females or other players. Harassing or using abusive language with another player will also count as discrimination.

So, don’t share stuff that promotes discrimination, harassment, or racism on a peaceful platform like Roblox or any other platform. Because hurting someone’s feelings is not right at all. If the platform caught you spreading discrimination, then be ready to get banned from Roblox.

3.   Scamming

Scamming in roblox

Roblox is undoubtedly the safest gaming platform on the internet, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from scammers. Scammers are available on every platform, including Roblox.

Many people want to take advantage of you and get your personal information out of you. So, if you’re planning to scam someone on Roblox, keep in mind that you’ll be permanently banned.

Scamming is a major crime and should not be taken lightly. If the player gets caught scamming someone, that player will get banned from Roblox because of violating the company’s terms of service.

The company shows no mercy to the scammers and bans them permanently from their platforms.

Scamming can be done in various ways on Roblox, for example, by impersonating yourself as an employee of Roblox Company. And trying to get personal information out of the players; this sort of behavior will lead to an instant ban from the platform.

4.   Sharing Inappropriate Images

Sharing Inappropriate Images

Roblox has the largest gaming community; its users are children and adults. So, if you’re sharing something, you’ve to keep one thing in mind, the content you’re sharing will be seen by adults & children.

If you share inappropriate images, your account will be flagged, and the company will review your Player ID. It may lead to a ban or an account suspension.

To stay out of such trouble, never share images containing NSFW material. Sharing personal pictures of someone without permission is also not acceptable on Roblox.

Copyright images can also not be shared on the platform unless you’ve asked permission from the owner. Never share images of weapons or drugs.

Roblox has permitted its players to share images in the game to make the platform more enjoyable, so be respectful because players of all ages play the game. You should not hurt the sentiments of other players.

5.   Sharing Inappropriate Audio Files

Sharing Inappropriate Audio Files

Roblox allows its users to share audio files, stickers, and images. Sharing audio files is only permitted to enhance the gaming experience on Roblox. You can send fun content through this feature.

You should never send inappropriate content through the audio files feature. The company will ban you for such an act. Ensure you never send abusive audio, explicit audio, or anything like that to avoid a permanent ban from the platform.

You may get banned or suspended for minor acts like sending loud audio through the audio files because it’s also considered inappropriate. We also advise you not to share audio files that will reveal your identity.

If your identity gets revealed, you might become a victim of some scammer. You should follow the terms of services of the company for your safety.

6.   Inactivity

Inactivity on roblox

If you were inactive for more than a year on Roblox, the company would delete your account from their database. The bad part is that you can never recover that account after it gets deleted.

Many players think their account was banned when they tried to log in after more than a year passed on Roblox and got an error. They start appealing to customer service for account recovery because they think they were banned.

Roblox reviews its user’s accounts daily and permanently deletes the account on the platform that was inactive for quite a long time. We recommend you log in to your Roblox account once in a while to avoid the deletion of your account.

7.   Phishing

Phishing is the most serious violation that can become a reason for your account to be banned from Roblox. Such a heinous act is not allowed on any platform, including Roblox.

Using somebody’s voice to manipulate others leads to a permanent ban. It doesn’t matter whose voice gets used; if the voice audio is shared from your account, you will face the consequences.

Phishing is used to blackmail someone for personal information. Roblox temporarily banned the players who were involved in phishing for the first time. But it’s very rare for a ban to be lifted for an act like phishing.

So, it would be better not to involve yourself in a crime that will get you banned from Roblox. If you’re frequently involved in such activities, you’ll get permanently banned from Roblox.

8. Breaking Federal Law

Breaking Federal Law

Roblox is a famous worldwide gaming platform. Every country has its own different rules, so that’s why Roblox has to ensure that all its users are following their country’s laws.

Roblox is blocked in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) for not following the country’s rules. So not following the country’s rules means banning the game from the whole country.

Roblox doesn’t afford to get banned from a whole country if one person makes a mistake or does not follow the rules of their own country. That’s why Roblox bans all those players from their platforms who don’t follow Federal Law.

If a player breaks federal law, the company will ban that person without warning, and account recovery will be impossible. They will not notify you about the ban, so you’ll find out your account is banned when you try logging in to the game.

Now that we’ve talked enough about all eight reasons to get you banned from Roblox. Let’s talk about how you can recover a banned account.

How to Get Back a Permanently Banned Roblox Account?

If you think your account was banned from Roblox by mistake and you were not involved in any activities, as we’ve explained above. Then the company provides you with customer support where you can appeal your case.

The appeal should be made to Roblox customer service within 30 days after the banning. So, make sure you keep your email spam folders checked because the decision made after the appeal is considered the final decision.

The company investigates your Player ID after the appeal is made. If they think they’ve made a mistake, they’ll recover your account and apologize. But if they believe you’re guilty, your account will remain banned from Roblox.

That’s how you can appeal to the platform when your account gets banned from Roblox.

How Long Does a Roblox Ban Last?

The length of how long your account will remain banned from Roblox depends upon the level of violation of rules you committed. If there’s a permanent ban on your Roblox account, then there’s no chance of recovery.

A temporary ban may last a day, month, or even year. It all depends on what sort of rule you broke. Roblox bans inactive players after one year; they also can’t recover their accounts.

If a player breaks Federal Law, the ban usually lasts three days or maybe even a week, but if you violate a severe law, that ban can be permanent. Roblox can also give you a Mac address ban in which the device can’t run Roblox anymore.

So, it is better to read our article carefully and avoid making mistakes that may eventually lead to your account getting banned from Roblox.


This whole banning system on Roblox is for security purposes only for the users on the platform. The users are children and adults, but most are children, so the security standards should be very high.

Roblox never compromises when it comes to rules and regulations. Users of Roblox appreciate the company’s efforts in making the platform a safe place for everyone. Every player has to respect Roblox’s terms of service.

Players should never cross the line in fun and games. They should be responsible and never involve themselves in acts like scamming, blackmailing, harassing, racism, phishing, or any illegal activity.

Parents should also keep an eye on what their kids are doing on the internet. It would be the best way to avoid any scams if a parent looks over their child’s activities.

Scammers can easily blackmail a child by manipulating and getting sensitive information like a debit-card number. Roblox is doing its part in making the platform secure and urges the parents to do their part.

Roblox is the safest platform for gamers. So, to be a part of such a respectful community, you should also respect its rules to avoid getting banned from Roblox.


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