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How to Delete Roblox Group | Comprehensive Guide of Roblox Group

The fact that you are here means you are in a fix, and you need a solution to how to delete Roblox group. The simple answer is no! You cannot delete Roblox group in games yet, but yes, there are some ways to get rid of the group and disown it.

There are certain elements you cannot control. Being an admin, you don’t want to bear the brunt of other people’ bad behavior, hence you must know how to delete Roblox group or come close to deleting it.

Here is our approach to your how to delete Roblox group, read on to get enlightened and loose some burden. But first, before you learn our fix of how to delete Roblox group, a little detour to how does the game work, how to make friends online on Roblox and how to add them in the group?

How Does Roblox Game Works?

Roblox is a platform for gamers and creators to come together to play, create and chat!

Trivia: Did you know there is voice chat option in Roblox. It makes it easier for users to interact easier and faster.

roblox game

Yes, Roblox has proven to be a great socializing platform for gamers and introverts who like to make friends over the internet.

And the reason for success behind these friendships is — mutual interests, the game! Many players have made some tremendous friendships over the platform and have some tips how to be careful when making friends online on Roblox.  

Here are some of the best games where you can find people to play online and make friends.

  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Build a Boat for Treasure
  • Fighting Simulator
  • Adopt Me!
  • Brookhaven RP
  • Retail Tycoon 2
  • Arsenal
  • Jailbreak

In these games, you can find players with similar interest who would make great friends due to mutual liking of things in general.

The great thing about making these online friends is you don’t need to tell them where you live (country) and what is your real name? They would know you for years with your game id and wouldn’t care.

What is Game ID | How to Create an Account on Roblox?

Like any other online platform, you require to make an account on Roblox games. It is very basic; the platform asks your age and name with gender reveal as optional and Ta-Da! You are in the game.

Roblox game login

You can select any screen name you like and players in Roblox games will see your screen name instead of real name. Follow the following steps to create an account:

  • Download Roblox from play store or Apple store
  • Open the application once installed in your gadget
  • Click on the signup icon. You will find this blue icon on the bottom right on the screen
  • Now enter your name, birthday and username.
  • You can opt to disregard or choose the gender
  • Now click signup

As you follow through these steps, you can login to enter the world of Roblox games. Now that you are here on the platform you have multitudes of opportunities to play games, make friends, create games, and earn from the platform using Roblox Studio.

How to Join an Already Existing Group?

Follow these steps to join an already existing group on Roblox:

  • First go to the search bar. You will find it on top of Roblox page
  • Next enter the keyword for the group. For example you are looking for players who play the same game enter “Murder Mystery 2” in the search bar and enter.
  • You will see several search results. Select one group and click on “join group” button to enter the group.
  • Some groups require admin permissions to enter a player. Wait until you get the approval.

How to Create Your Own Roblox Group?

how to create Roblox group

If you plan to create your own group login to Roblox account and follow the steps:

  • Look for the navigation panel. You will find it on the left side of the page and click the button “Groups.”
  • Click the “create” button
  • Enter the group details such as name, description, emblem that resonates with the group.
  • Now on the left side of the group click on “Settings” and select accessibility “private or public” and approval “automatic or manual.”
  • Now after selecting all options, click on purchase to finalize creating the group. It will cost 100 Robux which is $0.35 approximately.

How to Delete Roblox Group?

how to delete roblox group

You may come to point you plan to delete Roblox group. As of updates in 2023, the users cannot delete Roblox groups. But there is a way around. Follow the steps to have a workaround equivalent to deleting Roblox group:

  • First make the group invisible for the players to search
  • Now, delete all the group members one by one.
  • Set the group accessibility to private
  • Last, leave the group. In order to leave the group go to Group section. You will find it on the left side of navigation panel.
  • Select the group name. Now click on the Leave the group button.

Disclaimer: Before you leave the group ensure you are the last member of the group. Because if there are any member left in the group; they can claim ownership after the owner leave the group, since there is no option to delete Roblox group.

After you are the last person to leave the group, it will continue to exist. But any Roblox user will not be able to search or join the group.  

What Does “Group closed” mean on Roblox?

You may see certain groups with tag group closed on searching groups on Roblox. The group owners abandoned these groups after deleting all the members of the group.    

Frequently Asked Questions – Delete Roblox Group

Do Roblox group expire?

No, Roblox groups never expire (as of the updates in 2023)

How to delete contact group?

If you wish to delete contact group, head to contact group in your account, and click on the group you want to delete, now click the delete button as it appears when you click on the group.

How many groups can anyone join in Roblox?

If you have premium account, you can join nine groups at a time.

How to delete private server on Roblox?

First you need to go to the server page’s settings. Then select the server you wish to delete, on prompt, click the delete server button.

Can one sell Roblox group in return on Robux?

No, as per the updates of 2023, you cannot sell the group in exchange of Robux.

How to remove a group member in Roblox Group?

You can either use Roblox Group Manager or Roblox Member Manager option to remove a member from the group.

What does the admin of the Roblox Group do?

The admin of Roblox group has many tasks to manage. The admin manages all group activities and settings. Also, they approve and deny any request that come for any player to become a member. And finally, they can remove a member for inactivity or not following the group decorum.   

Can we leave a group in Roblox?

Yes, one can opt to leave the group. But once you leave you cannot rejoin unless group is re-created. However, you will have access to inventory and chats. There is no option to delete Roblox group.

How can one join empty Roblox Server?

If you plan to join empty Roblox server, you must have an account. Afterwards, enter the server’s IP address in your browser to join.

Can we create Roblox group for free?

If you have Roblox account you can simply create the group or join any already created group that interest you. Joining the groups cost around 100 Robux which roughly estimate to 0.35 USD


The game platform has made players and creators from parts of the world to come together and socialize. Many children and players narrate how they found friends who share same interest on the platform compared to school.

When the people of same ideology come together they can come together to form a group. However sometimes due to other life commitments they may stop playing or drift apart. In that case the group is only using up some caches. The only good and green thing to do is delete Roblox group.

Until 2022, the game does not allow user to delete Roblox group as they were created by using Robux credits and there is no way to get Robux back if you delete Roblox group. Hence group admin can only delete all members and make group inaccessible for other players.

We hope rather than delete Roblox group, you find an alternate to abandon the group. Since there the game doesn’t enable the user to delete Roblox group.

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