How to Get Free Robux | How to Earn?

Robux is the in-game currency of the game Roblox. To gain advantage on games, wins, and purchases, you need to know how to get free Robux, how to use, why does one need more robux, and is there a way to earn Robux?

Roblox is a one of the most famous games played by children of all ages. It is mostly famous among kids over age nine and teenagers. Users are also empowered and inspired to create games in exchange of money.

The game creation is encouraged by the Roblox Corporation as they provide the creators a free server and game creating application, Roblox Studio.

how to get free robux

Quick Robux Guide

  • A player must make 100,000 R$ to transfer it to the bank
  • When exchanging 1 R$ = 0.0035 USD

How to Get Free Robux?

There are two ways to get the in-game currency: one by purchasing them from currency which is very easy and second by creating games on Roblox Studio. There are apps for Android and iPhone users separately.

When a user creates a game, and uploads it on the game server, other players can play the game. The more people play the game, the more it generates revenue. The revenue is in form of R$, the game currency.

unlimited robux

The creators also make avatars and their accessories which can also be bought in the form of in-game currency. The more people buy your designs, the more likely you will earn profits.

Can I to Get Robux For Free?

One can earn the in-game currency for free at Roblox Studios. The game creation is extremely simple and has all tools required for free. If you promote your game among your friends, and if it becomes famous, you earn Robux for free.

Also, for individuals, who have good designing sense for fashion, can design multiple avatar clothes and accessories. On each purchase, the article becomes famous hence generate profits for the creator.

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How to Redeem Gift Card or Promo Code in Roblox?

If you come across or purchased gift card or promo code, it is saved to your account in Roblox game. On reaching the store, you can click on redeem the promo code or gift card in redeem area.

But be weary of the time limit, as they come with an expiry so best to redeem them before time runs out.

What Can You Purchase with Robux?

If you set your mind to buy something, there are many options.

  • You can use premium servers so you and your friends can play the game separately.  
  • One can also purchase games and their special features on Roblox games.
  • There are various premium features, avatars, and skin in games.
  • You can also convert it into currency and deposit in your bank. But, there is a minimum requirement that you have to meet to be eligible to withdraw in bank.

For the in-game currency to convert into real currency (robux to usd) you need to access the shop and check the balance. The store has a calculator which tells you how much is required to draw the into the bank.

Avatars & Skins

It is very common for gamers and users to buy avatars and skins for their games. The players enjoy utilizing their robux in exchange of skins and avatars.

Since not many players cannot reach to the milestone of making 100,000 Robux, they decide to utilize the robux in avatars and skins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you earn Robux from gameplay?

No. You cannot earn Robux from playing the game.

How to buy Robux from my phone?

1. Go to the application on your device.
2. Click on R$. You will find it on top right corner.
3. Click on amount you plan on buying.
4. A pop-up will ask to confirm.
5. Follow all prompts to take you to final payment methods


It is very common for children to make in-game purchases. According to the stats available on Statista, Children spend roughly over hundred USD a month for in-game purchases.

Roblox Corporation has introduced a new way to earn robux by designing and creating games. The desire to earn in-game currency can be channeled into creativity, and learning skills that would be great future prospect.

Also, may children under eighteen years of age has proved it to the world how they have used their creativity and imagination to earn from games.

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