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Some may think that the world of fashion, NFT, metaverse, and the world of video gaming are different universes, but one company, Tommy Hilfiger (T.H.) in New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is hoping to change that perception.

T.H., one of the world’s leading fashion designers, has teamed up with Roblox to create a line of virtual clothing that can be bought and sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This is a major coup for the world of non-fungible tokens, which has until now been largely dominated by the world of digital art and collectibles.

The partnership between Roblox and T.H. is a natural fit, as both brands are known for their inclusive, creative, and fun atmospheres. Their collaboration has not only proven successful once but also many times in the past to deliver the best user experience for Roblox users.

Read on to find out more about the events where the luxury fashion brand teamed up with the top gaming platform. Meanwhile, the investors of non-fungible tokens see how these tokens take a new direction into the future and metaverse.

Roblox Collaborate with Tommy Hilfiger and 8 User Creators

If there is someone who doubts the Meta should look no further than the viewership of Roblox.

The digital game platform and game creation system have 43.2 million daily active users. And it allows players to express themselves through in-game purchases, like skins and virtual fashion, nearly all of which are created by gamers themselves.

Tommy Hilfiger NFT

Tommy Hilfiger recognizes the potential of Roblox, so the American luxury brand was excited to unveil a special Roblox-exclusive collection created by eight user-generated content producers.

The collaboration, named “Tommy x Roblox Creators,” saw these UGC creators throw their own spin on classic Tommy designs.

In a press release, he also expressed his amusement saying that they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to collaborate with a few of these Roblox fans to take their self-expression to the next level, inspiring them to add their own creative spin to the official brand styles.

Moreover, the owners of non-fungible tokens can invest their tokens in buying these avatars by fashion and use those in meta.

New York Fashion Week, Metaverse & Roblox

T.H. was set to return to NYFW for the very first time in three years along with its “See Now, Buy Now” collection and a new “phygital” fashion show after this ‘Tommy x Roblox Creators’ collaboration.

The physical Autumn 2022 show for the American clothing brand took place on 11th September in Brooklyn at the Skyline Drive-In and was also live streamed to Roblox users in MV. They saw avatars dressed in the collection walk through the virtual New York City in the meta platform.

This season focused solely on the fusion of T.H.’s archival inspirations with live event ideas as well as virtual worlds. “It’s the true reflection of what we stand for as we return to NYFW to pay respect to our origin,” he further added.

A Special Area for New York Fashion Week on Roblox Games

T.H. unveiled a new Roblox area dedicated to NYFW named “TommyPlay.”


On Roblox, you can already take a trip to the TommyPlay area. The enticing virtual venue, which officially launched in June, includes a meta space influenced by New York City’s Brooklyn area and street lifestyle.

TommyPlay on Roblox may remind users of a city play area that allows them to socialize, discuss, and picture themselves. Furthermore, the space includes a wide range of game-based activities such as parkour, skating, BMX, and maybe even graffiti.

The games allow players to win Tommy tokens, which they may use on digital T.H. merch created with forefront Layered Clothing innovation. It enables creators to make real-looking 3D clothing for avatars of almost any type of body.

The unique Roblox space was dedicated exclusively to the Fall 2022 Collection and served as the venue for the fashion show. Aside from that, visitors were also able to buy virtual items from the digital world.

Roblox Paved Way for NFTs in Fashion World

The fashion world was introduced to a new concept called “NFTs.” NFTs are non-fungible tokens that can be used to represent digital assets. These assets can be anything from art to clothing to music.

Non-fungible tokens gained popularity in the gaming world thanks to the platform Roblox. On Roblox, players can create and sell virtual items. These items are represented by non-fungible tokens, which can be bought and sold like any other virtual item.

The success of non-fungible tokens on Roblox led to their adoption by the fashion world. Hilfiger created a virtual clothing line that could be bought and sold using non-fungible tokens.

Although the hype surrounding non-fungible tokens has subsided, the remaining non-fungible tokens community remains interested in exclusive events and their way into fashion shows.

The partnership between T.H. and Roblox is a sign that non-fungible tokens are starting to enter the mainstream. As more and more people learn about the potential of non-fungible tokens, we are likely to see more partnerships like this one.

Holders of Rebecca Minkoff’s non-fungible tokens were granted access to her show. Minkoff, on the other hand, has changed her tactic to make it more inclusive of the NFT community’s women, who are her primary non-fungible tokens holders.

T.H. also took advantage of the opportunity to distribute non-fungible tokens mementos at its show. In-person visitors could obtain non-fungible tokens for their virtual wallets from posters displayed just outside the Brooklyn venue, courtesy of Rove, a brand-new app-based web3 entertainment launchpad.

Other designers, such as Collina Strada’s creative director Hillary Taymour, distributed MoonPay non-fungible tokens together with digital versions of the brand’s new garments through the use of QR codes inside the show notes.

The digital looks enable attendees to carry home clothing from AI fashion company HeartDub prior to them becoming available for purchase in person.

It’s clear that non-fungible tokens are here to stay in the fashion world. And Roblox is to thank for, helping to bring them into the spotlight.

In a Nutshell

Roblox has partnered multiple times with T.H. to bring a new level of fashion and authenticity to the game. This partnership will allow players to use brand’s clothes and accessories to create their own unique looks.

Also, the collaboration between these two companies will provide players with more options to express their individuality within the game. It gave the breath of new air to the world of NFTs and meta, and now when we look closer, use of non-fungible tokens seem more real and gives a glimpse of its enormity in future.

That brings us to the end of this blog, and we hope that you received answers to all your questions.

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