Roblox Door Codes

Roblox Door Codes

Here you get all the latest Roblox Door Codes. DOORS is one of the trending games of Roblox. There are countless hoops to jump and doors to pass. Can you all make it by yourself?

Definitely not, hence we bring some Roblox DOORS codes, so you get that edge over competitors, and begin playing fiercely.

What is All the Noise About Roblox Door codes?

DOORS instantly made waves in the gaming world. It is a premium Roblox game and loved by the players for its horror element.

For a while, Apeirophobia had its bright days at Roblox, but now doors is the most favorite among the users.

At times, it gets very difficult to cross certain levels, and you may feel exasperated days after day stuck on same level. Hence you may end up needing Roblox DOORS Codes to get past the particular hurdle.

Active Roblox DOORS Codes

  1. Three – 133 Knobs, 1 boost, and 1 revive
  2. 2BILLIONVISITS – You get free knobs, and revive
  3. SORRYBOUTTHAT – Free knobs
  4. ONEBILLIONVISITS – You get 100 knobs, 1 revive and 1 boost
  5. 500MVISITS – You get free knobs, and revive
  6. LOOKBEHINDYOU – You get free knobs, and revive
  7. TEST – You get 1 free knob
  8. 100MVISITS – 100 free knobs, and 1 free revive

The important thing to note here is, codes are case sensitive. You must enter them as it is, numbers, punctuations, capital letters, just the way it is!

Roblox Door Codes

How to Redeem Roblox DOORS Codes

To redeem the codes on Roblox go to the shop section of the game, and follow these instructions:

  • First Click on shop button. You will find it on left of the screen
  • Next, Copy the code, in exact pattern and paste it in the box on the screen
  • Now, hit enter to redeem the code. Sometimes due to load on server, you may have to hit enter more than once.
  • Tada! your rewards will show on the right corner at the top of the screen.

Disclaimer: If the code is not working, come back a little later. It can be little tricky to redeem codes at times. If the problem still occurs, its highly likely the code is expired.

What is DOORS?

DOORS is an interesting and scary game. You are stuck in a haunted mansion, and there are DOORS that you have to cross in order to find a way out. Every door has a jump scare because a horrifying object is lurking to scare the wits out of you.

What’s More? Do you want to know more about DOORS, read this blog to know more about your favorite game.

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