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Roblox Doors | Scariest Game on Roblox

Roblox doors is a top-rated horror game available on Roblox. It’s a first-person horror game developed by Lightning_Splash with the help of some other developers RediblesQW and GhostlyWowzers.

The game DOORS Roblox was published on the platform under the group known as LSPLASH. The game is currently in the development of adding a new floor known as Floor 2. So, you can play DOORS Roblox Floor 1 on the platform.

As we said before, DOORS Roblox is a first-person experience horror game and holds the title of the scariest game on Roblox and then there are some best games in Roblox if you are looking for best games on Roblox. Let’s talk about what’s the objective in the DOORS Roblox game.

What is the Game Roblox Doors About?

What DOORS Roblox is about

Now that we’ve briefly explained what DOORS Roblox is, let’s discuss the game’s objective. In this first-person perspective game, like Outlast, the player is tasked to reach the 100th door while avoiding all the entities.

The players must survive until they reach the hundredth door and encounter entities who will attack them and try to kill them. From 1 to 4, players can explore the hotel where the game takes place.

The players can enter the elevator in the lobby to explore the hotel, and the game starts. The players start the game in an elevator, and before starting the run, they are allowed to purchase at least four items from the shop.

Players can buy items in DOORS Roblox: Lockpicks, Vitamins, Flashlight, and Lighter. After buying items, players exit the elevator and receive the key to unlock the doors from the billboard available in the Reception Room.

The game proceeds with the player unlocking doors of randomly generated rooms to enter the next rooms. The predetermined rooms appear in a different order wherever a new game starts.

Players can find numerous items if they open drawers, shelves, and other interactable furniture in these rooms. They can find keys and coins, or the drawers and shelves may be empty.

Some doors are locked in the game, so you must find the hidden keys to unlock them. Players can hide under the bed or inside wardrobes to escape an ambushing entity. Some rooms may be pitch black in the darkness.

Now, let’s discuss what these entities are in DOORS Roblox.

What Are Entities in DOORS Roblox?

DOORS Roblox Entities

Entities are the main antagonists in DOORS Roblox. These entities act as obstacles for the players and will try to kill them. If a player gets killed by an entity, a terrifying jump scare will trigger to terrify the player.

Let’s discuss some popular entities you’ll face while playing DOORS Roblox.


Screech is an entity in DOORS Roblox that appears in dark rooms. Screech will appear behind the player and make a “Pssst!” sound to alert the player. The player must quickly turn around and stare at the entity, or else the Screech will attack them.

Screech can take 40% of your health if it successfully attacks you. If the players stare at screech before it can attack, it will only jump-scare the player and go away, but it will not take any of your health.

Screech will follow you until it finally attacks you, or you stare at it and be safe. Screech has the appearance of a face with a big smile, and it’s covered in some black sticky liquid.


DOORS Roblox Rush

Rush is the most fun and terrifying entity in DOORS Roblox. Rush alerts the player before its arrival; the lights start to flicker whenever Rush is coming near you. The player has to hide quickly when the lights begin to flicker.

If you successfully hide under a bed or inside a wardrobe, Rush can’t attack you. But if you fail to hide before Rush arrives, you’ll instantly die when Rush finds you. Rush will spawn in the room behind the player’s room.

Rush will go through all the rooms until he reaches where the player hides. If the player fails to hide, Rush will instantly kill him, and a jump scare will be triggered to scare you. Rush makes a growling noise, and it gets louder as it gets closer.

Rush has a distorted appearance of the famous meme character Troll Face. It freaks out the player when Rush appears.


“Hide” is also a common entity players encounter in DOORS Roblox. This entity appears when a player hides in a spot for too long. The players get a warning to get out of the hiding spot with a red static effect.

The static effect worsens the longer the player stays in one hiding spot, a text “GET OUT” on the player’s screen also appears. If the player doesn’t get out of the hiding spot, the entity Hide will attack and kick that player out.

‘Hide’ can take 40% of players’ health when attacked. When kicked out by ‘Hide’, the player can’t enter any other hiding spaces for a short time. You can hop out of the hiding spot to avoid the attack from Hide and get in immediately.

This way, the player can get more time to hide in one spot.


DOORS Roblox Halt

Halt is an entity in DOORS Roblox that appears frequently. This entity appears when a player enters the next room and is taken to a dark corner.

The player’s screen will start flashing blue, and text will appear giving instructions on what the players need to do to avoid Halt.

When the text says, “TURN AROUND“, appears on the screen, the player has to turn in the opposite direction and start running. If the player fails to avoid Halt, it will take 60% of their health.

While you’re running, Halt will follow you; Halt’s speed will increase as the chase proceeds. The entity will disappear as soon as you enter the next room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DOORS Roblox really scary?

The game has its fair share of jump scares and scary imaginations.

How many Doors are there in DOORS Roblox?

There are roughly 100 Doors in DOORS Roblox.

What is the code for DOORS Roblox?

There are promo codes that help you clear certain levels.


DOORS Roblox is the scariest game on the platform so far. Players will face entities trying to kill them in this first-person survival game. The game will end when the players reach door 100. The game is super fun and super scary. You may need a little help in clearing some levels. There are tons of DOORS codes available on internet.

The jump scares will scare you to the core of your soul. DOORS Roblox has flashing and probing lights which may trigger photosensitivity, seizures, and epilepsy.

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