Roblox Innovation Awards 2022

Roblox Innovation Awards | 6 Free Fan Favorite Items

Games become more fun when there is an award associated. Roblox games has given the users the pleasure of gaming and creation. Plus, they also plan an award ceremony, Roblox Innovation Awards which commemorates the gamers and creators for their contributions.

The Roblox Innovation Awards will happen this year on September 10th, 2022. There was Roblox Awards Voting Hub ended on July 27th, 2022.

It has various categories and cover most aspects for the gamers and creators. After covid-19 this is going to be in-person ceremony and can be attended on receiving the invite by Roblox Developer’s Conference (RDC).

It will such a feast for players, who can meet their friends and like-minded people under one place. Moreover, it is a great day to meet investors, creators, and creators at Roblox to meet the independent game creators.

However, it will also be aired and people can join in RDC virtually on September 10th 2022. The RDC signups will begin few weeks before the event, and those who receive the invite can register for the event.

This will be the first time in-person Roblox Innovation Awards and with its success and reception, we can expect many more to come in future.  

Roblox Innovation Awards Voting 2022

It is one of the kind award for the favourite game of 54 million active users. Hence it was only fitting for the Roblox Corporation to announce one-of-the-kind, Roblox Innovation Awards.

The players on the platform are not only playing the games but also creating the games they always imagined on Roblox Studios.

It has always been the aim of the Roblox Corporation to inspire the young minds towards learning. Now at the Roblox Innovation Awards when the talent will be awarded it will be giving them the right endorsement.

This year, the Roblox Innovation Awards will take place on September 10th 2022. The Roblox Innovation Awards Voting 2022 began on the platform on 14th July 2022, and ended on 27th July 2022.     

Categories for the Roblox Award

  • Best New Experience
  • Developer Studio of the Year
  • People’s Choice
  • Best Use of Tech
  • Best Creative Direction
  • Best International Hit
  • Video Star of the Year
  • Video Star Video of the Year
  • Most Immersive Environment
  • Best Use of Avatar Fashion
  • Most Concurrent Users
  • Best Content Update
  • Most Popular User-Created Item
  • Best Audio Design
  • Builderman Award of Excellence (picked by Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki)

History of the Awards

The awards were called Bloxys, it has come a long way for the game to get so much fame that now the show has evolved as Roblox Developers Conference.

Fans were confused for a while due to rebranding and were perplexed if the fan-favorite free items may not be the part of new event. But the Roblox Corporation has no plans to discontinue fan-favorite free items.

There are various free items such as:

innovator golden tuxedo

Innovator’s Gold Tuxedo

Fragmented Top Hat

Fragmented Top Hat

Gold ‘n’ White Curved horns

Gold ‘n’ White Curved Horns

Circlet of Patience

Circlet of Patience

Painted Gold Jacket

Painted Gold Jacket

Golden Tucket Hat

Golden Tucket Hat

These items require some work and the users who log onto Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub 2022 and follow the instruction/challenge for each items unlocks the free items.    

Here is a quick peek of the event and guests that attended the award in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the developer of the Roblox games?

The developer of Roblox games if Roblox Corporation.  

What is the last date of Roblox Innovation Awards Voting 2022?

The voting began on July 14, 2022, and ended on July 27, 2022.

What is Roblox Innovation Voting Hub 2022?

Roblox Innovation Voting Hub 2022 is the hub for voters where they can go cast their votes for their favorite categories and creators.

How many categories are there in the Roblox Innovation Voting Hub 2022?

There is total 15 categories in Roblox Innovation Voting Hub 2022.


Roblox Corporation has always been an advocate for the innovation and feeding the young minds with inspiration to change their lives. Read on the success stories of young minds who changes their lives and find Roblox Studio wonderland for creators.

This is testament of their work and intention, as they will award the creators and innovators from all over the world to appreciate their creative endeavors.

 As of now, we only know Roblox Innovation Awards will be held on 10 September 2022. The invitees and venue will be announced soon. Watch out this space as we will update as soon there is an official new about the developments of Roblox Innovation Awards.

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