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Roblox Studio is the developer’s dream come true by Roblox Corporation. It gives the ability to create, imagine, and develop for the designers and developers of all ages. You can create what you imagine with so many sophisticated tools at your disposal, Roblox Studio is what any creator can ask for to fulfil their creative fantasies.

The tools and features are intricate and detailed just as they are available on professional platforms. Developers and dreamers from all over the world cannot get enough from this free software.

What is Roblox Studio?

The 3D video development platform is like production site where gamers can build the games with terrains and mazes, they always imagined.

Roblox Studio

Not only they get to play the game, but also, share it with the world. The developers also get credit as their name is mentioned, and they get Robux (the in-game currency) in return.

Having to create something that you imagined, without the bound of features and tools for new and expert users without discrimination. It liberates the user to work, meanwhile they learn to use sophisticated tools. for creating Games in studio click here.

Why is Roblox Studio So Famous?

Roblox Studio is engaging the youngsters into a creative pursuit. By the word of mouth more youngsters are encouraging each other indirectly.

The platform also highlights the young creator who had great success and income from their games. It’s unlike contemporary games with advance imagery or refined layers, some of the most famous games like Boat Ride and Brookhaven RP have extremely basic programming.

The idea is to create something interesting that would grasp the attention of the players. Soon company started gaining fame across the globe and took the lead from famous game company EA, Electronic Art in second quarter of 2021.

Roblox studio

Games Created by People on Roblox Studio

Every day millions of user are using the platform to satiate their creative geniuses. There are uncountable games on the platform that are created by the children and teenagers.

Some made it big with the platform, and paid off debts for their parents. Most are taking care of their tuition money, while some have changed the lives of their families.  Here are some cases of how they made it big by creating games on Roblox Studio.

Boat Ride

Created by Ben & Matt Horton who were hardly thirteen when they created the game. They are identical twins and started playing game over the holiday season. They start making some serious money.

The game is played by 100 million time, and they generate revenues of £100,000. As reported on BBC, they paid off the mortgage of their parents’ house.

Superpower Fighting Simulator

Fiona from Toronto joined the platform back in 2008 after playing the game for years. She and her partner developed the game with interesting levels and challenges. They successfully attract over 100 million users.

She reports, this level of interaction of game generates roughly $30,000 to $40,000 per month. Recently she also bought shares of Roblox Corporation in Stock Market because of the potential the organization has in future.     


Alex Balfanz is an 23 years old from Florida. He worked to develop the game for four months and released it to the platform. After three months, the game garnered 210 million plays. He’ s continuously developing the game and adding more element to it. At the moment, more than 34,000 users are playing the game.

Alex Balfanz is inspired in the face of all the successes. He is planning to enroll in Duke University to study Artificial Intelligence. He is happy he is capable to take care of his financial needs and tuition money.    

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can learn to use the platform as a beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roblox Studio only for PC?

Yes! It’s only for windows and Mac, even you cannot use it on Chromebook or Mobile devices.

Is Roblox Studio completely free?

Roblox Studio is free software that gives you ability to create new video games, avatars, skins and so much more.

Is Roblox Studio free on mobile?

Yes! Roblox Studio is free to use for user of all ages and regions.

How to invite people on Roblox Studio?

You can invite people on Roblox Studio to collaborate on a task:
– First go to Roblox Studio, and then on the tab ‘view.’
– Next click on ‘team create’ then on left side you will see ‘turn on’ sign. Click on it.
– The Studio will then ask you to publish the game, go on and publish so you can invite others.
– Now you can invite your friend via link or bt adding them on your team.


Many parents are skeptic about the Roblox Studio and how it helps the children earn. But if you look at the flip side, it is encouraging children to join the creative side, learn a skill rather than spending hundreds of hours of gameplay.     

The Gen Z and Gen Alpha are inspired to learn to earn earlier compared to millennials. The platform is only facilitating them to follow the plan.

And when you look at the success stories, the children who earned from the platform are performing their social responsibilities and most importantly paying for their college, enrolling in programs to upscale their skillset.

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