What Does XD Mean in Roblox

What Does XD Mean in Roblox?

You may be wondering, what does XD mean in Roblox? Players get confused whenever they see ‘XD’ in the Roblox chats. So, in this blog, we will explain what it means, but first, let’s talk a little about the game.

What is Roblox?

Before we skip to the main topic, ‘what does XD mean in Roblox’, let us explain a little about the game Roblox.

Roblox became the most popular gaming platform among adults and children during COVID-19, especially when it was at its peak. The game was a lifesaver and saved people from boredom.

It’s an online gaming platform which allows its users to play tons of games that are available. Not just that, players can create their own games and upload them on the platform.

Roblox provides millions of user-generated games; most of its community members are children and young adults. Roblox is very similar to ‘Steam’ & ‘Epic Games’ for adults, but unlike these two platforms, Roblox provides tons of free titles.

Because of its freemium format, Roblox is perfect for kids under the age of 18. The great aspect about this platform is that this is not just a place for playing games; literally, kids are diving into the world of coding because they game is inspiring them to create and learn coding.

Most of the games on Roblox are designed by children, which is just amazing! Roblox is heaven for those kids who want to start and learn coding as newbies.

The tools to design 3D games on Roblox are very easy to use. Kids design their games easily and upload them on the platform for fellow players.

Because of this, even kids with zero experience can start coding their own games with the help of guides available on the internet and practice. Roblox is available to play on different platforms like Android, IOS, Windows, etc.

Roblox is free to download and play. Players can make in-game purchases to buy different stuff using the Roblox currency Robux.

Robux can only be bought with real money, so if you’re under the age of 18, ask for your parent’s permission before making any purchases. After downloading Roblox, you’ve to sign-up.

To sign up, you must provide information like a username, gender, date of birth, and password. Always use a fake name as a username to protect your children from online predators.

Now we know what Roblox is, let’s talk about our topic: What does XD mean in Roblox?

What Does XD Mean In Roblox?

What does XD means in Roblox

What does XD mean in Roblox? Let’s talk about it. You can get confused when you see XD in the chat because you don’t know what it means. Don’t worry; the meaning behind this is actually very simple.

An emoticon XD is commonly used in Roblox chat, which means happiness and laughter. If you look at ‘XD’ a bit carefully, you’ll see a smiling face. The X represents the eyes, and the D represents a smiling face.

The XD emoticon is not just a Roblox thing; it’s used on almost all chatting platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and even YouTube’s comments section. You will find this emoticon in people’s chats.

People use these emoticons to represent that they are laughing very hard, like the acronyms to mean laughter LOL & LMAO.

Emojis are available on Roblox, but it’s just a tradition now to use XD to show your positive, happy feelings. So, now you know ‘what does XD mean in Roblox’ please enjoy and show how glad you are with the help of these emoticons.

Roblox’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that we’ve answered the question, ‘What does XD mean in Roblox’. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of Roblox.


Roblox has provided infinite opportunities for learning and developing games with creativity to all children and adults.

This game has given the kids a chance to show what their interest is without being forced to follow a path pre-determined by their guardians.

Roblox users are very satisfied with the platform’s freedom to develop their own games in Roblox Studio. Roblox has created many unique levels of skill and interest in coding among children.

The kids can progress to higher stages in coding and designing games as their experience increases. Roblox has made it easier for kids to learn a coding language because it provides a built-in-scripter in ‘Lua.’

Lua is a very simple and easy-to-understand programming language used to design games. If the children are interested, designing games on Roblox is an excellent start to mastering coding in the future.

This can also become a great career path for kids interested in becoming a programmer. Roblox is also kind of providing a job to these kids.

These kids are literally making money while learning this valuable skill of coding and also selling their games to other users via Robux.


Roblox has numerous advantages, but just like a coin, everything has two sides. If there’s an advantage, remember it has a drawback as well.

Now, let’s discuss what sort of disadvantage does Roblox have then we will talk about more emotes and emojis as we have discussed what does XD mean in Roblox.

Parents are aware of the dangers and problems that this platform is bringing to their kids. Roblox has established one of the most significant communities in the entire world. It guarantees safety, transparency, respect and security to its users.

But the vast amount of content created by the users can sometimes get out of hand and might bring some serious trouble.

The online chat option in Roblox is the hardest to control because kids can interact with each other, which might expose them to inappropriate language and content.

Roblox is also linked with other social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, making it more uncontrollable. These features are there for its user to add other friends to Roblox.

That makes it riskier to use because it can possibly lead to some severe threats to your kid, like cyberbullying or predators on the internet. The parents must keep an eye on what their child is doing on Roblox or any other internet activity.

This might be hard for their parents, but it’s to ensure their child’s safety. So, no compromising on that. Parents can control what sort of games their child can play and even lock the chat feature to avoid any potential threat to their child.

Parents can also see their child’s chatting history and friends list and report any sort of abuse that their child has experienced on the platform. So, it’s advised to parents to beware of their child’s online activities.

Roblox Chat Features

Roblox chat

Roblox chat feature is very common like other platforms, for example, Minecraft. With the chat feature, the user can interact with other users.

This is very similar to social intaking websites like Facebook, which allows you to make friends and share interests. To access this feature, you just have to press the ‘/’ button on your keyboard.

However, if the user is a child, an adult or parent can disable this feature to prevent any exposure to inappropriate content. To do that, follow these simple steps:

  • go to Account Settings
  • Next, go to the Privacy tab, look for “Who can chat with me?
  • Select the ‘No one’ option available under it.

Roblox Emojis

Roblox emojis

Roblox was released in 2006, and the emoji set was added to the chat in 2017. So, before they released emojis, letter combinations were widely used to express emotions in the chat.

Now the platform uses the emojis developed by Twitter, known as the Twemoji image set. Discord uses this same emoji set with more than 2000 emojis. You can use your device emojis or copy and paste from the web in Roblox.

Due to the filtering process, NSFW emojis or inappropriate content which are unavailable for children and show hashtags instead.

Abbreviations in Roblox Chats

Like any other online chatting platform, Roblox users also use different phrases and abbreviations to convey messages.

Emojis were not a thing for Roblox users until 2017, so they were used to the letter combinations in chats to express their feelings. The famous XD is an example to show that you’re laughing very hard.

We’ve given a brief explanation of what does XD mean in Roblox above in the article. XD replaces LOL, LMAO, 🙂, 🙂, or ^D, all meaning you’re laughing very hard.

These emoticons can also change their meaning based on the sort of conversation you’re having. 

XD can also mean Extremely Disillusioned or Disappointed; it all depends on what you’re chatting about. These scenarios are very rare to happen, and on Roblox, it is nearly impossible to occur.

Besides the question what does XD mean in Roblox, people also commonly search these acronyms:

  • AFK: It means ‘Away From Keyboard’
  • YR: It means ‘You’re Right’
  • PM: It means ‘Private Message’
  • BRX: It means ‘By The Way’
  • BRB: It means ‘Be Right Back’

These abbreviations are very common when people are chatting with each other.

Other Roblox Emoticons

Above, we’ve explained in detail, like ‘what does XD mean in Roblox’ and some other abbreviations commonly used while chatting.

But these abbreviations are not special or anything because they are pretty common on other online chatting platforms besides Roblox as well.  Now, we’ll discuss some abbreviations used explicitly by Roblox users only.

Here’s a list of the most commonly used abbreviations among Roblox users.

  • A/C – This abbreviation is used when a player is trading with another player, and it means Accept or Counter. You may also see A/D in the same context, which indicates Accept or Decline
  • Comped – A short form of Compromised means a user’s Roblox account is hacked or attacked
  • FFA – It means “Free For All”
  • KS – It stands for “Kiss”
  • TTYL is also found on other platforms and means “Talk To You Later”

Roblox Emotes

After developing understanding of what does XD mean in Roblox, let’s see what does emotes are.

Like in PUBG & Fortnite, Roblox provides you with the feature of showing emotes with emojis and emoticons to show your feelings in the game. The emotes let your avatar cheer, dance and even laugh during the gameplay.

Emotes increase your enjoyment while playing the game. The emotes are free on the platform and can easily be accessed by typing this /e command in the chat box.

/e command: type the command and add the word for the specific action.

We present you with a list of default emotes available on Roblox.

  • /e dance
  • /e dance2
  • /e dance3
  • /e cheer
  • /e point
  • /e wave
  • /e laugh

You can add special emotes to your emotes list by purchasing them with Robux. You can also use these emotes on different devices like PC, IOS, Mac and Android, but you have to activate them first.

To activate these emotes on different devices, follow these steps:

  • Go to Avatar Shop and select Featured on the left panel
  • Select Featured Emotes, and you’ll see a list of free emotes ready to install
  • Select your favourite emote, hit the Get button, and then click on the Get Now option
  • After installing the emotes, go back to the Avatar tab to select the Avatar editor to see your installed emotes
  • Now, equip those emotes, and you’re ready to use them while in-game. To use them, click on the emote wheel and select the emote that you want your character to perform

Using emotes is very fun and unique because, unlike emojis and emoticons, these emotes can express your feeling in the form of your avatar performing it. This is just another reason to play Roblox. We’ve discussed ‘what does XD mean in Roblox’ and tried our best to explain it.


In this article, we explained a lot of things about Roblox and the most frequently asked question: what does XD mean in Roblox? We hope our guide and explanations were easy to understand and enjoy playing and creating games on Roblox.

We have tried to explain what does XD mean in Roblox, what are emotes, some commonly used acronyms, and emojis.

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